The Faculty of Exact Sciences and Informatics is one of the ten teaching and research entities of Hassiba BENBOUALI University of Chlef. It was created by Executive Decree No. 16-71 of February 22, 2016, which amended and completed the Executive Decree No. 01-209 of July 23, 2001 establishing the creation of the University of Chlef.

The Faculty of Exact Sciences and Informatics occupies the pole of Ouled Fares of the University, its current capacity is more than 2500 pedagogic places, among others:

  • 05 amphitheatres ;
  • 44 classrooms ;
  • 17 pedagogiclaboratories ;
  • 10 machine rooms;
  • 01 internet room;
  • 01 conference room;
  • 01 meeting room;
  • 01 library with three reading rooms (more than 5820 titles).

On the pedagogical level, the Dean is assisted by two assistants, that of studies and questions related to students, and that of post-graduation, scientific research and external relations.

Each of the five departments (core curriculum in the exact sciences and computer science, computer science, physics, chemistry and mathematics) is headed by a department head assisted by two assistants, in graduation and post-graduation.

From an administrative point of view, the Faculty is statutorily endowed with a general secretariat, and several services (finances, general means, staff …).

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