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IQRAA IQRAA , digital library which contains digital books covering all disciplines. To obtain an access code that will allow you to access this database, please complete the form by clicking HERE


SNDL for Master II , PhD students and teachers, get an account HERE

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DOCs All documents, forms, and authorizations related to the central library are available for download HERE



The Central Library of Hassiba Benbouali University in Chlef was established in 1998. Over the years, the library has continuously expanded its collection by incorporating new disciplines. Currently, the library's documentary resources consist of various types of media and specialties.

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, the Central Library was officially inaugurated at the University Center of Ouled Fares by the University Rector, Professor Abdelkader HOCINE.

Library Rules & Regulations

University libraries have rules. All library users must adhere to standards of good conduct towards library staff and property. Download the Rules


The university of chlef has 10 faculty libraries dispersed in Three university poles, each faculty library contain a big academic resources satisfying its students . the catalog of books available in faculty libraries is integrated with our catalog HERE






The Central Library provides students with national and international electronic catalogs and systems to facilitate the research process .

About Opac:

It is an electronic Catalog for the Bibliographic research of the Books & documents of the libraries of the university. OPAC has universal protocols that allow cataloging large amounts of digitized information of all types. It allows location management as is the case in our PMB, each faculty of the university has a space where its documents are saved (book and copies).


DSPACE is an Open Archive, a data warehouse in which are deposited and stored documentary resources from scientific research and education, access to which is intended to be open
DSPACE Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef brings together various Communities bringing together all scientific production, Congresses, Conferences & Colloquia, Doctoral Theses, Magister & Master II defended, The work of the University's research laboratory as well as links to journals & educational polyscopes.

About SNDL

The SNDL “National Online Documentation System” gives you access to very rich and varied national and international electronic documentation, covering all areas of education and scientific research.

In terms of access, this documentation is classified into two categories: – The first category is accessible without restriction to all students, teacher-researchers and permanent researchers on university campuses and research centers. – The other category, on the other hand, concerns the research aspect. It is dedicated to teacher-researchers, permanent researchers, post-graduate students (PhD students and Magisters), engineering students at the end of their cycle and Master2. Access to this second category of documentation is without restriction of place of connection but requires obtaining an individual account.


IQRAA is an Algerian digital platform containing a vast database of more than 1600 academic works in the four disciplines and national scientific conferences with the constant supply of this base.

About Local System

the central library provides students with a Master II thesis archiving system categorized according to specialties and Years access is only available via the library's local network.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I lost or damaged my Library Card, what should I do?

    If you have damaged your card, the central library will issue you another one. Just bring the damaged card and a personal photo to the university's central library. However, if you have lost it, you must provide a Declaration of Honor signed by your faculty's library, legalized at the APC office of your Commune, along with a personal photo at the Central Library of the university.

  • According to the Sanction Section of the Library's Internal Regulations, any lost or damaged document must be bought back or reimbursed by the borrower as follows: The redemption of the document in its original and integral version, or: Reimbursement at the rate of 03 times the public price of the publisher for the student (LMD, Master, Doctorate), 05 times the price for the teacher.

  • At the bottom of the form for entering your connection information in SNDL , click on Forgot your password? Enter your username or your email address under which you registered the first time on SNDL in your library or your laboratory as well as the anti-spam code. The system will send you a link in your mailbox. Click on this link and enter your new password, carefully following the instructions required by the system.

  • - Theses cannot be borrowed.
    To consult a Magister's or Doctorate's thesis, you must go to the reading room of the Central Library with your library card.
    To consult a License's or Master II's dissertation, you must go to the reading room of your faculty's library with your library card.
    If you want to download a Magister's or Doctorate's thesis from the university, the institutional repository of the university DSpace contains all the theses in PDF format .

  • You need to have a library access permission signed by the librarian of your university, and it must be presented during your visit to the UHBC university libraries.