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Call for papers : literature through the prism of sociology

literature through the prism of sociology

12th and 13th, December 2022.

Literature is seen as a mirror to society since it reflects current societal realities. Literature’s corrective goal is to reflect on humanity’s issues so that every society can see and fix its inadequacies. As a reflection of human behavior, literature typically represents what people believe, say, and do in any social context. We come across stories that are meant to reflect human life and activity
via the actions and reactions of some characters who, through their words, acts, and emotions, send specific messages for the goals of education, information, and entertainment. It is rare to discover a work of writing that is free of cultural views, morals, and values since no writer has been brought up completely unconscious of the society around them. The smallest movement in social norms and values does have an impact on a wide spectrum of literary works, and vice versa, since literature has a tremendous impact on culture and society.