Accueil / Acknowledgements



Under the supervision of the president of the CFD, the second workshop of doctoral students was held in an amazing and delighted atmosphere where doctoral students of the department of English of the faculty of foreign languages of Hassiba Ben Bouali University of Chlef benefited from trainings on:

  1. Data Analysis: SPSS Software, T-test (Supervised by Dr. Hadjer Belout)
  2. Theoretical Frameworks and Applications of Analysing English in Academic context (supervised by Pr. Hacene Hamada)

I want to express my appreciation to Pr. Hacene Hamada and Dr. Hadjer Bellout for their valuable contributions which were extremely informative for all participants, students as well as teachers.

My special thanks go to Dr. Benali Reguieg Nacera and Dr. Zourgui Malika for their ongoing commitment and dedication and meticulous organisation.

I also thank colleagues who were present and hope to see them with us in all events organised in the department of English.

I encourage my students to go further and I am so happy to see them so involved and interested.

Once again, thank you all for making the workshop successful!

The president of the CFD

Pr. Leila Kara Mostefa-Boussena