The fifth Students Symposium on Engineering Application of Mechanics (SSENAM’5)

After the very good successful event in the fourth conference SSENAM’4 in Bechar University. The objective of the Fifth Students Symposium on Engineering Application of Mechanics, « SSENAM’5 » will be focus on the « Engineering and Applied Fracture Mechanics and Environment » and destined directly on the PhD student evolution. The SSENAM’5 will be held in the Campus of Ghardaia University, on the 21-22 February 2020 with the collaboration of the University of Chlef and Houari Boumediene University of Sciences and Technology in Algiers. It is organized by a laboratory of materials, energy and environmental systems technology in collaboration with several laboratories such as the quantum material physics laboratory at the University of Mascara and the laboratory of control. The aims of the fifth Symposium will be to discuss the present status of the Applied mechanics based constitutive simulation, Reohology and modelling of materials and associated experimental observations methods. It’s also an opportunity for scientists and engineers from Algerians Master, Ph.d Students from the three universities to discuss research activities that could be a basis for future collaborations. The 5th event will be in collaboration with the ‘Algerian Congress of Mechanics », CAM2019. Nature & Technology will be the supporting journal of the Symposium where all reviewed and accepted conference papers will be published in special issue « Engineering Applied Fracture Mechanics and Environment ».


21 Fév 2020 - 22 Fév 2020


08:00 - 18:00