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Rector of the University Hassiba Benbouali of Chlef, Pr. Larbi Ghouini.

Rector’s Office

  • Vice Rector of the superior of the first and second Cycles training, training and Graduates, and the superior training of Graduation
    Pr. ABABESSA Hamza;
  • Vice Rector of superior of the third Cycle, enabling academic, research scientists and the superior training of Post-Graduation training Pr. HOCINE Ahmed ;
  • Vice Rector for External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific events Pr. ACHOUR Djilali
  • Vice Rector for development, foresight and guidance Pr. YAHYAOUI Mohamed

General secretary

The office of the general secretariat contributes to the continuity and development of the university. In addition to ensuring respect for the charter and the statutes of the UHBC, it also insures the protection of its rights, by rigorous monitoring and update of policies and regulations in accordance with the law in force.
The general Secretariat also includes:

  1. Sub Directorate of personnel and training;
  2. Sub Directorate of the budget and accounting;
  3. Sub Directorate of the means and the maintenance;
  4. Sub Directorate of scientific, cultural and sports activities;
  5. The common services of the University.

General secretary : Mme. ZENATI Wahiba