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The higher education in the wilaya of chlef began during the year 1983-1984,with the opening of the national Institute of Engineering which had 144 students. deree No .83623 November 5.1983 .This national Institute was training of the common trunk of teaching and engineering of state in Engineering . The I.N.E.S of chlef were grouped under the authority of one direction with the creation of The university of chlef in 1992 . Therefore, the University Centre has ceased to seek guardianship for other courses, coveted by the future Bachelors opening. Channels of the long cycle and short cycle have emerged and by virtue of Executive Order No. 06/112 of 11 March 2006 with the restructuring of the University of Chlef, five faculties and one Institute. It should be noted that the academic year 2010-2011 has known the LMD system at the level of all the faculties and the restructuring of the University in seven faculties and two institutes under Decree 11/40 of 6/02/2011.