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Research Laboratories

Research laboratories participate in the knowledge transfer mission, especially In relation to the professional universe, and by contributing to the teaching programs. They are involved in more than 90 research projects.

The University of Chlef has 25 research laboratories:

  • Ticelet laboratory information and communication technologies in foreign language teaching and translation.
  • APS; society, education, and health.
  • Development of the competitiveness of Algerian SMEs in the Local Substitution industries production and protection of crops in the region if chlef.
  • Materials science and environment.
  • Globalization and its impact on the economies of North African countries and studies on the feasibility of building a North African Union.
  • Water and environment.
  • Theoretical and physical physics of materials.
  • Local natural bio-resources.
  • Financial and banking systems and macroeconomic politics in the face of international fluctuations
  • Theory of functional language.
  • Mechanical and energy.
  • Reform if Arab politics under the constrains of Globalization.
  • Innovation and, motor performance.
  • Controls, testes, measurement and mechanical simulation.
  • Molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics.
  • Mathematics and applications.
  • Language didactics and discourse analyses.
  • Society, problem if local development in Algeria.
  • Humanitarian law and security.
  • Private law compared.
  • Structures, Geotechnics and electrical engineering and renewable energy.
  • Plant chemistry – water-energy.
  • Rheology and mechanics.
  • Geomaterials.